#1 Recycling Fact: You can make a difference!

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3 thoughts on “#1 Recycling Fact: You can make a difference!”

  1. I work for the Solid Waste District and I believe recycling is something that should be decided based on variables associated with the area one lives in. The carbon footprint for the District to transport glass by truck four hours to a place that produces insulation or water filtration units from crushed glass far exceeds the environmental savings of recycling glass. The environment is better served by running over the glass bottles with a dozer and using the material as an intermediate cover at the landfill or as a base for the compost production to be located on. The crushed glass base will provide a layer between the ground and the compost pile allowing water to drain. Southeast Utah is composed mostly of a clay soil so there is very little moisture absorption and it seals air out to prevent aerobic digestion. These variables, (soil composition, moisture content, location and distance from markets) that need considering before deciding on a waste management plan. Glass bottles are not put in to the landfill whole. They are crushed and spread on top of the landfill contents so they do not take up space nor do they take very long to return to the substance they began as.

  2. As China is no longer accepting our waste, what is happening to it? Am I wasting my time by sorting out and cleaning for the various boxes, bags and bins that we have in Warwick.

  3. The people of the USA are ingenious, technical, well educated and have unlimited resources. I question, the reason for concern over recycling our waste. There are enough minds and energy to figure out “saving our country.”

    I was not good at recycling and I am a senior. I can only imagine the impact my household made on the pollution problem. I am all in now, for recycling and composting. I have turned my children into recyclers. Is it possible for one person, at a time to begin the change?

    How do you education the public? My pollution/recycling education came from living on a priesting, 2/3rds uninhabited lake, with an army camp attached. We are contaminated with PFOA and PFOS. Ours was from flame retardants being used on our military base and airfield, Grayling Michigan. DEQ placed many drinking water filters and said there you are fixed.
    You should never breath steam or mist from contaminated water. You should not bathe in it, yet the DEQ is only offering a partial, quick fix for kitchen faucet, drinking water, no long term solutions to cleaning the toxic waste. The residence of Crawford County Michigan did not ask to be poisoned or compromised or contaminated!!!
    I personally bring my water from another county and bathe in another location away from Crawford County. It is a challenge and so is staying healthy in Crawford County.

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