What Should I Recycle?

There are probably more things that can be recycled than most people realize.
Here is a list of the most common items that should be recycled:
  • Acid Batteries
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Building Materials
  • Cardboard
  • Chemicals
  • Electronic equipment
  • Glass (particularly bottles and jars)
  • Lead
  • Magazines
  • Metal
  • Newspaper
  • Oil
  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Plastic Bags
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Steel Cans
  • Tires
  • White Goods (Appliances)
  • Wood
  • Writing/Copy Paper
  • Yard Waste

Some of the items listed above will require special handling procedures and special recycling places or events. Just ask your local recycling office (city, county, or state) for assistance and information. Know more items that can be recycled? Add your suggestions below.

Furnace filters

can paper/cardboard furnace filters be recycled in single stream containers?

Recycling Paper

I recycled 1,000 pieces of paper last month! It felt great to give back to the earth since it has given us all life so we can help it out and RECYCLE!!! REDUCE! REUSE! AND RECYCLE!!!


Can we recycle light bulbs? I have got a bunch in my house sometimes I step on them in the basement IT HURTS !

I work in a restraunt, and it

I work in a restraunt, and it is horrifying how much waste is forced into landfills. Being the person I am, I dig through it and recycle everything I can from ketchup bottles to beer bottles. In the past year I have recycled OVER 300 pounds of glass bottles, 150 pounds of plastic... and everyone calls me crazy, but Earth needs so many more people like me... I once used to walk to work, and would pick up garbage/recyclables and make sure it made its way to the proper place... THE GROUND IS NOT A TRASH CAN.

You're right

We do need more people like yourself.

Thanks for your help in keeping us more clean and responsible!


Recycling !!!

You know im only 10 and i want to make a different just as big as you did maybe i'll start today ?????

numbers on back of plastic

What do each of the numbers on the back of plastic items mean?

plastic bags

our community has recycling pick up but I am not sure if I can mix plastic trash bags with the plastic bottles & cans in the same recycle container.


WOW!!!! how cool is recycling. i personaly think its cool.And for the ones who do you ROCK!!!!

Reduce, Reuse Recycle

Recycling is a very important part and it's good for you and the earth because you can get 5 cents for bottles/cans and save the earth at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:)

Can I recycle plastics with

Can I recycle plastics with larger tops than bottoms?

Yes you can

You can recycle plastics with larger tops than bottoms but some places dont recycle plastic bottle caps. they are made with a different kind of plastic

recycle trucks seen at the dump

My husband visit's the dump quite frequently to get rid of old fence's and decks... He laughs at me for recycling (however, he recycles also ;) telling me that he see's the recycle trucks dumping there all the time. My oldest son confirmed it... Why would they be dumping there and not at the recycle center?

recycle trucks dumping at land fill

one main reason you may see recycle trucks dumping is that people mix things such as diapers, grease,or animal waste with the recycleables and and no on wants it.

clothes and shoes

Can you recycle old clothes and shoes?

If you're crafty you can

If you're crafty you can reuse clothes by turning them into something new... like a quilt or a reusable grocery bag, etc. If not, then you can always take them to goodwill. At least they may be reused by someone who needs them.

CD recycling

Check with your local elementry school, they may use them for art projects and crafts.

can vcr tapes be recycled?

i have a ton of old used vcr tapes wanted to know if i can recycle them.


Can I recycle Photographs with my paper?

Plastic Bags

Is there any environmentally friendly way to get rid of plastic bags like the kind you get at Meijer or other stores? I try to not use them as much as I can but my roommate and I still have a large amount that we don't know what to do with, we reuse them when we can but still, can they be recycled?

Plastic Bags

I know in my area there are bins to recycle all plastic bags at Wal-Mart. I would check there or maybe other larger retailers to see if they have a program.

Plastic Bags

I recently noticed in my area Target also has recycling bins for plastic bags. They were located near the costumer service area.

Yes, the recycle bins for

Yes, the recycle bins for plastic bags can be located at most "big box" stores. The reusable grocery bags that you can purchase for about 50 cents each are made from recycled plastic bags. I think that's pretty cool.

Paper towels

Can you put used paper towels (greasy or food soiled) into the recycling bin? Can they be recycled?

paper towels

also, anything with a waxy finish, like cereal boxes or orange juice cartons, cannot be recycled

cereal boxes

Actually I believe you are incorrect regarding the cereal boxes as they are considered "chipboard" and our business actually has ours recycled

i think so its a type of

i think so its a type of paper so you should

No, nothing that has food

No, nothing that has food waste on it should be recycled because the grease/waste contaminates the paper products that are being cleaned in order to be recycled. This includes pizza boxes! (although the tops and non-greasy parts CAN be recycled) Paper towels in general (and tissues, tissue paper, clean toilet paper), clean or not, cannot be recycled because the fibers are too broken up and small to be reused.

+100 points = ]

+100 points = ]


It takes 1/10 of the energy to recycle than to mine.

Old CD's and jewel cases

What about CD's and the jewel cases they come in? I have accumulated numerous cd's with computer programs on them which are now obsolete. Some, extremely so. I could toss them all in the trash but it seems such a waste. Id there a recycling plan for such waste? Thanks.

CD recycling

I was just going through the same thing. I am sure that something ingenius can be made from them, but I removed all the album info- and placed them in the recycle bin. The discs are another thing. There are several facilities that will recycle them for you. You must send them to the facility. One site I found will recycle up to 20lbs for $6.95 + shipping. Just google cd recycling and you can get some information on your options.