10 Creative Ways to Reuse and Recycle

Creative ways to recycle

Similar to a track left by an elephant in the mud, humans have left our carbon footprint on the world. Going green is the latest craze in an effort to combat this issue, and implementing eco friendly practices into our daily routines is absolutely paramount to recovering from the damage inflicted by us on our environment. Many individuals are reluctant to adopt environmentally friendly practices, due to expense or mundane tedious tasks, so the following are ten creative ways to go reuse and recycle while also keeping your budget in mind:

1.Create a Bin or Tray in Your Home Office for Scrap Paper

Set up a bin or tray to put scrap pieces of paper such as left over sheets from crafts, one-sided printed paper, and even old flyers. When the container gets full, cut the paper into a quarter of the original size, and use a paper clip or staple to fasten the top corners together for a brand new note pad or day planner. Have a look through some paper recycling facts, and you will understand why this first suggestion is so important.

2.Buy Recycled Grocery Tote Bags for Gift Bags

Numerous retail stores sell a variety of recycled bags, and many even have bright colors and fun designs. These bags are usually pretty inexpensive, and typically cost less than gift bags or wrapping paper. You are also increasing the chances of the bag being recycled a few more times!

3.Grow a House Plant That Can be Easily Separated

Houseplants such as jade or aloe, even the spicy chillies, can be easily separated into smaller pots and serve as gifts for friends and family. Gardening doubles as a huge stress reliever, and often yields a great sense of satisfaction. Not to mention, plants also improve the air quality, and are fun to watch grow.

4.Use Citrus Peels as Air Fresheners

Instead of throwing away peels from citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit, pull them inside the garbage disposal and run it to keep your kitchen and house smelling fresh. Make sure that you do this with just peels! You want to slice them into sections that your disposal can handle, so trial and error is key.

5.Reuse Plastic Containers

There has been increasing concern with plastic containers for food storage due to BPA and other harmful chemicals. If you have decided to store your food in glass and ceramic containers, then try re-using the old plastic items in other ways; such as storing small toys, crafts, or nails and screws. Also, be weary of reusing plastic water bottles.

6.Use Household Materials for Crafts

Instead of throwing away toilet paper rolls, plastic cups and utensils, and cardboard backing on pads of paper, keep them for crafts for the kids. Fill a box with these items and let the kids choose their materials to make creative things. Passing these green practices on to our children is paramount to the effort!

7.Eat a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Every now and then, replace a meat and potatoes meal with a traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The Environmental Defense Fund states that if every American traded one chicken-based meal every week for a vegetarian option like PB&J, the carbon dioxide savings would be the same as removing a half of a million cars from the roads in the United States.

8.Buy Recycled Products

Supporting those that offer recycled products will decrease waste, and often yield cheaper prices. For example, instead of buying brand new ink for your printer, try out laser toners that have been recycled. If you need to dispose of a cartridge, there are a variety of places to recycle your used up ink cartridges that don't involve cluttering our landfills further with e-waste.

9.Clothing Swap

Everyone has clothes that they never wear anymore, so plan a party with friends to swap out clothing. This is a great way for everyone to get some new items without breaking the bank.

10.Repurpose an Item

Turn an old item into something new, such as turning an old worn t-shirt into a pair of play pants for your child, or using egg cartons for painting and other creative crafts.