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Recycling FactsWelcome to the site for recycling facts and information. As you may already know, recycling is only one of the ways you can help reduce waste and in turn help the environment.

This site has helpful information on ways you can reduce, reuse, and of course recycle. Not only can it be fun and rewarding to find ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle, but it can also save money. When you recycle, everyone wins.

Below are some of the latest facts about recycling:
  • Each person creates about 4.7 pounds of waste every single day
  • In the US 33.4% of solid waste is either recycled or composted, 12.6% is burned in combustion facilities and 54% makes it's way into landfills
  • In 2007 99% of lead acid batteries were recycled, 54% of paper and paperboard were recycled, 64% of yard trimmings are recycled and nearly 35% of metals were recycled
  • The amount of recycling in 2007 saved the energy equivalent of 10.7 billion gallons of gasoline and prevented the release of carbon dioxide of approximately 35 million cars
  • The number of landfills in the US are decreasing while their size is increasing. In 1998 there were 8,000 landfills but only 1,754 in 2007
  • Each ton of mixed paper that is recycled can save the energy equivalent to 185 gallons of gasoline
  • Approximately 8,660 curbside recycling programs exist in the United States
  • There are about 3,510 community composting programs in the United States
  • Disposal of waste to landfills has decreased from 89% in 1980 to 54% in 2007
  • Recycling 1 ton of aluminum cans conserves the equivalent of 1,665 gallons of gasoline
  • In 2007 the United States recycled and composted 85 million tons of the 254 million tons of municipal solid waste created
(source: epa.gov) Please feel free to add your comments about recycling below and if you know of other recycling facts that you would like to add please include the source of the fact in your comment. (New comments are reviewed before being added to the site.)


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Plastic Recycling

Should we have to cut up the plastic rings that holds together the six pack of soda cans? Does this method benefit the recycling system OR would it be better to leave it as a whole and make it easier to select when it goes through the conveyer belt to be recycled. I was told that if we cut up the plastic it will get mixed into the perishables then taken to land-fields where the birds will eat it and die. I work in a company where much of this plastic gets discarded and I want to do it the right way. Please advise.


this is a really helpful website and i enjoyed it very much but it tells about peoples experinces and i enjoyed reading them but that was not wat i was looking for. but still a cool website

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i love recycling with family and friends ist is so much fun once u get a hold of it


recycling rules


does recyling help us proivde fresh air

School recycling system

I found out the paper my school collects to recycle is just being thrown away >:(


Recycling is an awsome opertunity for everyone to change the WORLD !!!!!! If everyone recycled everything would be so much diferent. Anyone can help even YOU !! DO YOUR PART `!!!!!!!!!!

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I currently just moved to a new town and there is no recycling pick up and the closest recycling drop-off is 1/2 hour away. It boggles my mind how this whole area doesn't recycle, how would you go about trying to get recycling pick up in your town?


I currently just moved to a new town and there is no recycling pick up and the closest recycling drop-off is 1/2 hour away. It boggles my mind how this whole area doesn't recycle, how would you go about trying to get recycling pick up in your town?

Your resource is actually unique. Thank you for that.

Thank you for your resource! I’ve just shared it.

Common sense

if we keep throwing away things our landfills are going to fill up, america needs to recycle more.

PLEASE Everybody Recycle!


Recycle People

I think people need to recycle a lot more than what they have been doing

Plastic recycling

Can plastic bottle caps on beveages, shrink wrap on plastic food containers, and caps on medicine/vitamin bottles be recycled along with the containers they come with? I had someone tell me to throw away bottle caps and shrink wrap. Am I wrong?

Plastic recycling

sort of wrong. The plastic wrap (clear plastic film) can be recycled however if has come in contact with food it would need to be washed off. The plastic caps are made of pc plastic and does not need to be removed or thrown out. That plastic will be seperated out during the process and get recycled as well.


we are damaging our world because the recycling process is not helping

how are we hurting the world

how are we hurting the world by recycling?!


yea alwats recycle kids it is good for the planet and the world


ikr.. people need to start recycling becauise it is good for our communtiy,and we can use the recycling bottles and stuff again so we never can run out on stuff that we'll need.


v shud lways recycle plastic and other waste items ! it wil be beneficial to us try and keep mumbai clean do not litter here and there. think and spread and act as well !!!!!!!

plastic patio furniture

is it recycleable?


that is true

@plastic patio furniture

Yes! Contact your local recycler first to ask if they will take it.

Let's Make a Difference! :D

Make a difference peeps!

Can this be Recycled?

Where would you send a material to see if it is recyclable? I work at a steel company and our bundles of steel are wrapped in a plastic tarpping, we would love to recycle this but we are not sure if it is. We have contacted our town recycle center and they too were not sure. So is there a company that test the material to see if it can be recycled?

please help recycle

please help recycle

Almost everything is recyclable

Everything that is a solid and is completly solid, not any way to squish it without it going back or if it is food or came from the human body can be recycled somewhere at certain places.

i dont agree

That is not 100% true, there are solid items that can not be recycled. (and i am takeing into concideration you said almost)

That's true

That's true


i think that all the peopole should recycle any thing that ca be recycel:)loving smile<3


If we don't help recycle our earth will be covered in garbage then us and our planet will be gone!

Plastic Bottle Tops

I would like to know if plastic bottle tops get recycled? I am asking because there are no numbers located on the tops; just the bottle itself.

Bottle caps

yes we recycle them here in galveston


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(I heard these from a Video in Science) (May be not true)


that's true

what to do with rubber shoe

what to do with rubber shoe soles?

recycling center

Just hand it over to recycling center. They'll care for a heck that! :P


RECYCLE IS THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#1 + #2 plastics

Our town only recycles #1 + #2 plastics. But, I am concerned because #1's and #2's sometimes hold foods and sometimes they hold toxic cleaners products. My question is what number will they put on #1 and #2 plastics when they are recycled into the system. I don't want my food containers to be half toxic from the cleaners products that could have been in the bottle. I am hopeful that it would become a #4 or #5, or something like that. Does anyone know that answer.
An answer would be much appreciated.
P. S. In my home we use large glass bottles, like a Pellegrino bottle (25 oz) to carry our water, instead of putting our water in a toxic plastic bottle. In 2 years have only broken one bottle. Cheap and more water than the size they offer in the special bottles for reuse.

#1 & #2 plastics possibly half toxic from cleaners mixed

Even so, they are cleaned as they are being re-made into new material, but with less chemicals used. I would be alot more worried about the tefelon frying pan people are using to cook their food!!!

Also, did you know that a new product has more chemicals in it any way you were to look at it!

Also, "the buyers" of the material to be recycled requests specific recycled materials such as #1, or #2 or both and so on.


You can recycle bottles, paper, Aluminum foil, Cans of all types,

Cardboard ,Glass containers, Paper bags ,Plastic containers etc.

Those are things that can be recycled. Now here’s a list o things that can not
be recycled. Aerosol cans ,Batteries, Electronics, Plastic bags etc. It is important

to know what to recycle and what not. Waste, and how we choose to handle it,

affects our world's environment that's YOUR environment, everything that

surrounds you including the air, water, land, And since by now you probably

know that you need a healthy environment for your own health.


I'm sorry to say but plastic bags are one of the main things that can be recycled. Wal-Mart and Safeway grocery stores have a drop off as you enter the store. I did hear some time ago that batteries (as ones used for a flashlight or toys) can be recycled as well. I'm not sure of a drop off place but Office Depot stores might know.

Battery recycling and electronics

Best buy has recycling containers at the entrance to their stores for electronic and battery recycling.

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